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We're cheese lovers as any visitor will discover. Squisito have a wide and eclectic range of cheeses from Northamptonshire and the rest of England, Wales, Scotland and one or two from Ireland all labelled in real food miles from our shop plus our favourites from Italy and Europe. Many of our cheeses are from producers too small to enter cheese competions or make cheeses in the Summer only whilst others like Colston Bassett Stilton (judged the world's best cheese in the Interantional CheeseAwards), Montagnolo and Beppino Occelli are Supreme Champions or World Class Champions in the International Cheese awards. Whichever, we only stock what we like or you recommend.


This year we have drawn up a list of styles of cheesboard based upon a colour wheel which is a good way of planning a cheeseboard to suit guests with similar ages or varying ages as you would get at a dinner party or a wedding. Some are consvervative whilst others are more eclectic but whichever way you buy your cheese we recommend you try and buy so we can find out what you like and recommend others that you might like.


If you are selecting a Christmas cheeseboard take a look at our selections below or give us a ring and let us know the age group, menu and event you are planning for and we can make some recommendations and order or age cheeses to suit as necessary.




















We love good cheese not the mild processed cheddar or tasteless pre-packed blue you get in a supermarket that's only fit for sandwiches or grating on a burrito. A good cheese board should offer complimentary flavours to suit the age group and tastes of your guests. A well designed platter should sustain interest and feed conversation and not be a cue to bolt for the door! So, our motto is a little of something good since any leftovers can be a treat for the rest of the week or the basis of another dish.


A typical cheese board for a family of all ages should have a mix of soft and sweet cheeses counterbalanced by the strength of a blue cheese or two with a couple of more specialist flavoured cheeses like truffle triple cream brie or a Beppino Occelli cheese crusted with barolo grapes, fruit soaked in grappa and semi crystallised or wrapped in chestnut leaves - picture a colour wheel of flavours if you will. Here are three kinds of cheese selections that will give and interesting selection that will be a talking point for your guests and if you are lucky leave you some tasty nibbles for another day.


Conservative - for grannies & children; Barbers 1833 cheddar, Brie de Meaux Rouzaire, Barkham Blue or Northampton Blue, Montagnolo Bavarian cambozola, Snowdonia Red Storm or BeechwoodSmoked. Serve with Peter's Yard Crispbreads, Fosters Pickled Onions, Victorian Winter Warming Chutney & grapes.


Eclectic - for gastronauts; Brillat Saverin Truffle, Barkham Blue, Gorgonzola Dolce or Skegness Blue Cheese with pink peppercorns, Taleggio with honey & pink peppercorns, Occelli Chestnut or Testun al Barolo, leaf wrapped Cora di Capra Robbiolini and Northampton Truffle. Serve with Peter's Yard Crispbreads and Riverside Caramelised Red Onion, Sage & Chilli Chutney.


Mild & soft - Brillat Saverin Triple Cream Brie, Gorgonzola Dolce with pink peppercorns, Montagnolo Bavarian cambozola, Taleggio with honey & pink peppercorns, leaf wrapped Cora di Capra Robbiolini served with ripe pears, Riverside Caramelised Red Onion, Sage & Chilli Chutney or Fruttibosco balsamic onions and Peter's Yard crispbreads and sourdough toasts


Cheddar lovers - Barbers 1833 cheddar, Isle of Mull cheddar, Hafod organic cheddar with Godminster digestives, Fosters Pickled Onions, Victorian Winter Warming Chutney & grapes


Light & shade - Gorgonzola Dolce with pink peppercorns, Brillat Saverin Truffle, Barkham Blue, Occelli Chestnut, Occelli frutta di Grappa, Taleggio or Pecorino (Kettering finely pared is interesting) with honey & pink peppercorns. Serve with sourdough toast or Popti Parmesan Savoury Thins and Red Onion & Jalapeno Relish.


A typical high quality cheese platter works out at about £4.00 per person allowing for 4 to 6 kinds of cheese, maybe a bit more if you fall in love with Beppino Occelli!




















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If you want advice on menu planning or help with your catering just call Sara on 07824 314 235 or email Sara by clicking here.

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