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CHRISTMAS (for recipes click here)


Whether you are 'Margot & Jerry' or 'Steptoe & Son' the lesson of Christmas is celebration and sharing good company and friendship at the table. Mind you, a real running-around turkey helps and today is the day to plan Christmas dinner!


This year Squisito are offering our tried and tested very local free range game hung White, Bronze & Black turkeys, geese, duck, cockerels and tasty free range chickens plus aged ribs of beef, game and Sara's Christmas specialities like Sara's Marmalade or Mostarda Roast Hams which are made to order by Alex and Sara not mass-produced by Mr T@*co's accountants or even Sainsbury's ad agency!


If you are looking for a hamper for yourself or friends and family we have our Christmas lunch hampers or you can ask Sara to make you a personalised hamper or platter to suit you and your budget or the person you are giving it to. That includes 'dietary requirements' as well because Squisito actually make it!


Squisito will be open every day from Tuesday 18th December 'til 5pm on Christmas Eve for last minute shoppers. We will also be open Friday 28th December until New Year's Eve 'til 4pm so order your Aberdeen Angus beef from Crick for New Year NOW!


If you want advice on menu planning or help with your catering just call Sara on 07824 314 235 or email Sara by clicking here.






































In the meanwhile, click here to read our turkey and hamper price list. Remember that if you see turkey at £7 or £8/kg it's probably been frozen from last year or it's a 'battery turkey'! (Try asking where their turkeys have been 'processed' or frozen next time you visit a supermarket! - Alex)


Cheaper than M&S free range turkey, why not buy a local bronze & black Northamptonshire turkey you know will be succulent and tasty?


To get the best from your bird use our Christmas ready reckoner to work out what size bird to order then decide whether you want extra 'cold turkey' and Alex's made-to-order stuffing or Sara's Marmalade or Mostarda Glazed roast ham and dry cure bacon, pork, turkey or game pies on Boxing Day then give Alex a ring on 07544428165.


With a bit of careful planning a fresh fresh free range Bronze/Black turkey, goose or cockerel with no waste is the best value option because you know what you are going to get and how many it serves.


All Squisito turkeys come with temperature probe since we reckon this is the best way of making sure your turkey is nice and succulent.


But, obviously, the best way of making sure that you have a happy and less stressed Christmas and New Year in the kitchen is good planning and sorting out an interesting menu to keep your family happy.


So, this year Sara will be using her wedding and celebration planning skills to give you a few timing plans, cookery tips and sample menus on our website.


A BBC Good Food Show award winning Squisito cold meat platter like this costs £15 - £20 and Matt and Alex can make you a festive cheese board to suit your tastes "like nobody else."




Keep your eyes peeled for Sara's '12 Days of Christmas' recipes at




To call Alex ring 07544 428 165






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