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Unlike supermarkets and delicatessens over 85% of Squisito products and ingredients are homegrown and homemade from fresh ingredients from our own village and within a few miles. We do not use artificial additives or preservatives in our food and use age old cooking and preserving methods with 100% natural ingredients for storecupboard items.













Squisito sponsor local producers to grow or rear particular breeds or varieties. We support our local economic multiplier and help promote and maintain regional and local biodiversity by producing food that is not just locally sourced but reflective of Warwickshire breeds and varieties - even though we make mostly Italian food!


As a result most of our food is seasonal and, often as not, it is made to order so what you buy at our online shop does not come off the shelf but takes a few days to prepare, make and despatch. Squisito make slow food not fast food.













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So, if you do not see what you want under the tabs above and below just call Sara on 07824 314 235 or email by clicking here

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