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Once upon a time smoking was advertised as being good for you but now we know better!




















There's a common perception that supermarkets are 'cheap' compared to independent shops. The truth is that it is loss leaders and product positioning around the store to make you buy more things not actually on your shopping list is what it's all about.


For 'food producers' and 'brands' to make a profit and pay for better positioning at eye level in the middle aisles of a supermarket it means the food has to maximise the 'profit' for the supermarket. Obviously, that means a lot less money is spent on the ingredients and the skills to make the food you and your children eat.


What you really see little of, if any, in a supermarket is 'homemade' food in the same way you see very few Rolls Royces in a supermarket car park.


One things that makes us fools in the aisles is our search for a 'bargain', a 'special offer' or a 'buy one, get one free'  which capitalises on our primitive acquisitive instinct.



















But, do you aspire to drive a cheap car or live in a cheap house? Do you prefer cheap wine or want cheap medical care? Why should you want 'cheap food' when what you want is 'good' food that is good to eat and good for the mind and body?


So, this year, why not resolve to break free of advertising and food-just-for-profit and grow, make and cook your own food with quality ingredients from Squisito or your local farmers market?


Here you can cut out the middle-man and buy from the people who actually make or grow their own food and do not supply supermarkets. Squisito will even teach you the skills to make and preserve your own food the way of our forefathers. You can be sure if you plan what you buy or cook what you eat it won't be heading for the bin like one you bought for 'free!"



















One of the curious features of an economic system where you sell your labour for money instead of you making and growing or rearing your own food is that it results in high stress on the family and low productivity in the kitchen.


That's not good for you health since the average cost of ingredients in a branded food product is 14% of the retail price or 700% markup compared to 33% for a typical small food producer. In other words, if you earn £10.00 an hour and pay 30% tax, if you buy a £7.00 ready meal (including 20% VAT) you worked an hour for 98p of ingredients (78p after tax) and if you multiply that by a family of four multiplied by 7 days then you have to work 28hrs for less than £1.00 an hour.



















By contrast, you can pay £4.00 for four Squisito sausages, 98p for 400g of proper pasta, £1.00 or less for two tins of nice Italian  tomatoes and 9p for a large onion and a browse of our sausage sauce recipe and you have a good meal for four hungry people you would be pleased to buy in a gastropub. Net saving 3hrs 10mins less work worth £22.16 plus 3hrs with the family! And no VAT which will amply pay for cost of cooking . . .


To say 'No' to junk food click here to read our 10 Food Commandments to save money and eat better!

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