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Today and all the way to the Aviva Stadium in Dublin on on Saturday 18th March when Brixworth v. Shamrocks in Yelvertoft, Squisito will be making sausages from the competing countries in the Rugby Six Nations World Championship 2017 so you can follow the leading nations on your plate!



















Will the 'British Banger' swing low? Do you think the Northamptonshire Brixworth sausage will make the Scottish Lorne sausage look forlorn? Can the French Garlic sausage surprise everyone and not fall apart in last minutes against the Irish combination of pork and potato in our Irish sausages? Or will the Tuscan sausage with fennel, garlic, black pepper and vino rosso surprise us all and hand the wooden spoon to the Welsh Leek Sausage?


If you're fed up with lack of variety and lack of meat in the team on your plate come and try Squisito artisan sausages at  


Squisito Butchers & Provisions

46 High Street


near the home of Rugby


Tel 07544428165







































Whoever wins the Rugby Six Nations Championship 2017, one thing you can be sure of is that Squisito will be using our Italian team management skills to reinvent the British sausage with 93% local meat and artisan skill so ours won't go 'bang' on your plate!



















You can collect ‘bonus’ 6 Nations' Sausages by ordering for collection - order 6 of one nation and get another sausage bonus (that’ll make a meal - Sara)!


To get your bonus just email, message us on twitter or call Alex on 07544 428165 We can even take card payment over the phone!


To read Squisito free sausage recipes click here and see what's cooking follow us @squisitodeli


Think you can't afford real meat sausage?


Click here and read the Which! report how Richmond sausages are more expensive than premium supermarket sausages and even 93% meat Squisito sausages!

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